Has Pitt football ever won a national championship?

Has Pitt football ever won a national championship?
  • Feb, 16 2023

Pitt football has a long and storied history of success and has won a total of nine conference championships. However, the question remains: Has Pitt football ever won a national championship?

The answer is yes! The University of Pittsburgh Panthers football team won its first and only national championship in 1937. Led by head coach Jock Sutherland, the team was undefeated, with a record of 10-0. They went on to win the Rose Bowl game against Washington State, 21-0. This was the first of four Rose Bowl wins for the Panthers.

The 1937 season was a special one for the team, with players like Marshall Goldberg, Bob Higgins, and Joe Donchess earning All-American honors. Sutherland was named coach of the year and the team was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1971. The team was also honored with a commemorative postage stamp in 2007.

The Panthers have not won a national championship since 1937, but they continue to strive for excellence each season. Pitt football has a proud tradition and a rich history, and the team looks forward to the chance to add another national championship to its list of accomplishments.

The 1976 Pitt Panthers football team had a remarkable season, and it culminated in the team's first-ever national championship title. Led by legendary head coach Johnny Majors, the Panthers went 11-1, with their only loss coming to Notre Dame in the regular season finale. They then went on to defeat Georgia 27-3 in the Sugar Bowl, and were unanimously voted as the national champions by the two major polls.

The championship win was especially sweet for the Panthers, as they had been close to winning it before. In 1973, they finished the season 11-0, but were controversially passed over by the major polls in favor of Notre Dame. This time, however, there was no denying the Panthers, and they took home the title.

The 1976 championship marked a period of dominance for Pitt football. During Majors' tenure, the Panthers won four conference championships and three bowl games. They also earned a spot in the top-20 of the final AP poll in each season from 1973 to 1979.

The 1976 Pitt Panthers are still remembered fondly by fans today, and the team's national championship title is a source of pride for the university. The Panthers may not have won a national title since, but the memories of that 1976 team will live on forever.

The University of Pittsburgh’s football team has a long and storied history of success. From its first season in 1890 to today, the Panthers have won an impressive nine conference championships and six national championships. But what do these accomplishments mean for the legacy of Pitt football?

The most significant of Pitt’s six national championship wins came in 1976, when the team led by head coach Johnny Majors claimed the crown by defeating Georgia 27–3 in the Sugar Bowl. This victory marked the first national championship for the Panthers in 38 years, and it was the first time any school from the east coast had won a national title since Army’s win in 1945. It was also the first time a team from a major conference had won a national championship since Oklahoma’s win in 1974. This win gave Pitt a sense of pride and recognition that had been missing for decades.

Pitt’s 1976 national championship was a major accomplishment, and it has had a lasting impact on the program. The win helped to solidify the Panthers’ identity as one of the top football programs in the nation, and it provided a sense of validation for all of the hard work the players and coaches had put in over the years. It also set the stage for Pitt to become a perennial powerhouse, as the team went on to win three more national championships in the 1980s and 1990s.

Pitt football’s legacy is rooted in its national championship win in 1976. The win gave the program and its fans a sense of pride and recognition that had been missing for decades, and it helped to establish the Panthers as one of the nation’s top football programs. While it’s been more than 40 years since Pitt last won a national championship, the legacy of that win remains strong today.