What will be the top sports in the world in 20 years?

What will be the top sports in the world in 20 years?
  • Aug, 1 2023

Peering into the Crystal Ball: Esports Rise

Now, imagine yourself in the year 2043. The digital dust of the early 21st century has finally settled and against all odds, eSports has risen to become one of the world’s favourite forms of sports entertainment. Yep, you heard me right. Now, don't get me wrong. I’m a person who still enjoys the smell of fresh grass on a football field and the sound of a baseball bat cracking against a home-run pitch, but times are changing folks. My golden retriever, Winston, seems to agree with me as he’s replaced catching frisbees with catching virtual butterflies in augmented reality games.

The evolution and advancement of technology have had an enormous impact on eSports in the same vein that the industrial revolution influenced traditional sports. We are living through a digital revolution where people are increasingly drawn towards virtual realms for recreational activities. Twenty years from now, the blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and smart devices will have innovatively transformed eSports, exponentially increasing its popularity and viewership.

VR Sports: The New Athletic Frontier

Imagine strapping on your VR gear, stepping out onto the virtual football pitch, and preparing for kickoff. In the realm of virtual reality, you don't just watch the game; you are the game. That’s where I foresee VR Sports leading the pack in the future of sports entertainment.

The technology is already here, folks. But what we have now is merely the tip of the iceberg. In the future, VR Sports will provide a fully immersive, realistic experience where you can ski down alpine mountains, engage in exhilarating car races, or play an intense round of golf all from the comfort of your home. Winston thinks it sounds too good to be true - but then again, he still thinks my slippers are an acceptable chew toy.

AI Athletes: The Rise of the Machines

In two decades, artificial intelligence will be so advanced that it will have the ability to learn, adapt, and improve, providing incredible competition against human opponents. We're entering a world where athletes won't just contend against their fellow humans but also against AI counterparts programmed to emulate or even surpass human skills.

It's not just about pitting man against machine. Imagine AI so brilliant that it can formulate strategies, tactics, or play styles based on your own strengths and weaknesses. Imagine playing football against a team that learns and adapts on the fly. It's exciting, terrifying, and mind-boggling, all at once. Winston, as always, remains unfazed - he's still waiting for the AI that throws the perfect stick.

Underwater Sports: The Uncharted Depth

The future of sports isn't just tied to digital realms. As technology advances, so do our abilities to explore, adapt, and eventually conquer new environments. Let's talk about water, the final unexplored frontier. I’m not talking about swimming or diving, folks. I’m talking about competitive underwater rugby, hockey, or even basketball! Sounds challenging yet thrilling, right?

Advancements in underwater communication devices, wearable technology, and aquatic sports equipment will make it possible. We will watch in awe as athletes demonstrate their skill, strength, and agility in 3D underwater courts. Winston is definitely not on board with this idea - he enjoys his water time but prefers to stay in the shallows chasing sea foam.

Space Sports: Beyond Gravity

If underwater sports sound futuristic, consider sports in space as the next big league. With the current pace of space exploration, it's only a matter of time before we establish permanent colonies on other planets or in space stations. As humans, the desire to play, compete and be entertained will follow wherever we go.

Imagine humans and aliens competing in a zero-gravity tournament in a game that merges basketball, soccer, and rugby. Mind-blowing! Space Sports presents an exciting and entirely new athletic frontier, one where humanity's reach may finally exceed its grasp. However, as long as it involves fetch, I believe Winston would happily sign up for the trip to Mars!

Drone Racing: Unleashing the Airborne Gladiators

As technology evolves, so do our perceptions of what constitutes a sport. Drone Racing leagues, where competitors pilot drones through obstacle courses at breakneck speeds, are pulling larger and larger audiences every single year.

Future advances in drone racing will inevitably lead to larger drones, more complex courses, and more high-stakes, adrenaline-pumping races. With continued advancements in AI, AR, and smart controls, this futuristic sport is poised to take the world by storm. Winston remains skeptical. He still hasn’t forgiven that pesky drone that scared off the neighbor's cat.

Genetically-Modified Athletes: Redefining the Playing Field

Advancements in biotechnology are bound to seep into sporting arenas. Picture athletes engineered with enhanced speed, strength, and agility. Controversial as it may be, genetic engineering and modification could redefine what it means to create a level playing field and challenge our very understanding of fair competition.

In the future, our favorite athletes may be a mix of natural-born talent and precise scientific engineering. These genetic superheroes would unquestionably captivate the world's attention. The moral and legal challenges aside, it sounds like a gripping viewing experience, doesn't it? Winston doesn’t see the big deal – as a golden retriever, he’s already the result of centuries of careful breeding for speed, strength, and irresistible puppy-dog eyes.

The Fusion of Fitness and Tech: Augmented Reality Games

Lastly, I believe Augmented Reality (AR) games will become a staple in the world of fitness and gaming. These games, unlike their VR counterparts, don't involve strapping into a headset and retreating from the world. Instead, they augment the players' real-world environment with game elements, promoting physical activity while providing an engaging gaming experience. Think of Pokémon Go – now imagine it on steroids, and you’ve got the idea.

AR games bring an interactive and entertaining twist to exercising, and two decades later, they’ll be a robust component of our fitness routines. Best of all, with AR games, Winston can join in the fun. His new record for most virtual bones dug up in an hour is 37, in case you're wondering.

So folks, buckle up and prepare for an exciting ride into the world of future sports. It's going to be wilder and more fascinating than ever before. Whether you're a sports enthusiast like me or a casual viewer like Winston, the future holds some thrilling times for us all.