bern helmet models

Bern Helmet Models

Bern Helmet models are known for one all season helmet, that’s right – you can use your one helmet across sports and throughout the different seasons. One question remains. 

What is the difference between the many Bern helmets? Your questions are answered! 

  1. Macon – High quality, simple men’s helmet used for both street and snow.
  2. Baker – Stylish, original Bern visor men’s helmet.
  3. Muse – This sleek women’s helmet features Bern’s patented visor and all season liner for optimum versatility.
  4. Watts – This men’s helmet combines a visor with top and back vents to combine airflow with style.
  5. Berkeley – Bern’s most popular women’s bike helmet.
  6. G2 – A men’s helmet that boasts a removable brim visor and has an adjustable slider system to maximize comfort.
  7. Brighton – Smallest, lowest profile women’s helmet Bern offers.
  8. Nino – An all season, all sport skate influenced boy’s helmet.
  9. NinaGirl’s helmet with the same all season and all sport durability with multiple adjustable features.

Now that you’ve narrowed down the brand of choice to Bern, which helmet fits your lid?

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