invest in a snow helmet

Invest In a Snow Helmet

Invest in a snow helmet

The time has never been better to buy a ski or snowboard helmet.  If you are like us at you will appreciate the comfort, warmth, and of course protection that these snow helmets  provide.  In particular if you enjoy those back country tree runs where you can get lost in the bliss of pure powder and escape from the world, having a snowboard  or ski helmet  that you can count on is a must! Not to mention now you can have audio attachments for your ski or snowboard helmets  so you can listen to your favorite jams at the same time!

Kids snow helmets  are becoming increasingly important as well.  In fact some mountains wont let your child ski or board without one.  But, no worries Bern nino's  have just what you need to protect your kids head.  And frankly they will look cool at the same time!

Ski and snowboard helmets stop scrapes from trees on the top of your head and of course the reliable brain protection in the event you take a major spill into the side of a tree trying to hit that drop!

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