childrens helmets

Children's Helmets


My child will not wear a helmet:

You might consider:

·    Children learn by example. They learn from their parents, friends and family members.

·    Comfort. Make sure the helmet is the correct size for your child. Children's head size can change quickly.

·    My head hurts!: Make sure the child is wearing their helmet correctly; this makes all the difference to wearing a helmet. When it fits well, the child will probably forget they even have it on!

·    Important!

Purchase a helmet that fits the child now, not one they will grow into. Many of helmets include small, medium, large sizing pads to ensure a proper fit.

Mom, my helmet is ugly!

·    This is not cool Mom! Let them select their own helmet.

· offers a great selection of helmet accessories. Children (and adults...after all we are just big kids!) are more likely to wear a helmet if they like the way it looks.

·    Check out our kids section and accessories.

Why should parents consider helmets for young children?

·    Younger children's coordination has not been fully developed.

·    Younger children's proportionally larger head creates a higher center of gravity.

·    Ask your doctor for their recommendation.

Have fun son! Wish I could come on your adventure!

·    You can, purchase a helmet camera or bullet cam's for your child's helmet and have fun with them! They will have some fun stories to share after their adventure.

·    Watersport cameras: no problem! We have water proof helmet cams too! Check out


Please note:

Children should not wear helmets when they climb trees or play on playground equipment. A helmet may get stuck on a tree or piece of equipment and strangle a child. There are recommendations children under 12 should wear helmets while sledding.

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