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Multi-Sport Helmets

With the increasing awareness of helmet safety, the bigger the demand is for a multi-sport helmet.   Typically you need a separate one for ...
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Helmet Design

Helmet design has not only become a way to set your style apart, but is key in the technology that allows your helmet to protect you and also keep you...
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Waterproof Helmets

Are there truly any waterproof helmets? The answer is not unless you are looking for an equestrian helmet and here’s why.  The sports that water...
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Kayak Helmets

Most companies that manufacture and design kayak helmets are the very people that use them for competition or recreation.  Predator Helmets is o...
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Skate Helmets

What is the difference between the skate helmets out there?  Not all skate helmets are made equal. Most can be used between different sports and...
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Shred Ready Helmets

Shred Ready Helmets was founded in 1996 in Auburn, Alabama. This was shortly after a local aerospace composites manufacturer approached a man that was...
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Nutcase Helmets

It’s no surprise that Nutcase Helmets was founded by a graphics designer. They are recognized world wide for their fun, innovative designs.  Bas...
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Bern Helmets

Bern helmets call themselves “the lifestyle action company” and rightly so with their innovation of the all season helmet. They also pride themselves ...
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CPSC Helmet Certification

What exactly is a CPSC Helmet Certification?  In February of 1999 the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted unanimously to hold a new ...
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Smith Optics

Founded in 1965 by an Orthodontist, Smith Optics has set the standard with its goggle technology and is moving into helmets among other sports gear.&n...
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Bern Helmet Models

Bern Helmet models are known for one all season helmet, that’s right – you can use your one helmet across sports and throughout the different seasons....
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Kid's Helmet Laws

Kid’s Helmet Laws vary by state and can vary by county or city and even further based upon sport. In the majority of states, if a person is under the...
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Snowboard Helmets

How do you choose snowboard helmets?  Think about what type of snowboard helmets are attractive to you. Not only will a helmet protect you on th...
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Ski Helmets

Do you wear a ski helmet? The snow has arrived and ski season is upon us. There are many reasons to wear one when you are out on the slopes. The bigge...
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Helmet Accessories

With more and more people using helmets, helmet accessories are becoming increasingly popular.  This is not solely to personalize helmets but to ...
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