multi sport helmets

Multi-Sport Helmets

With the increasing awareness of helmet safety, the bigger the demand is for a multi-sport helmet.  

Typically you need a separate one for each sport that you participate in. Adding up the costs of a bike helmet, climbing, skate helmet, snow, and water helmet for one person can quickly become a burden. There is a growing need for an all sport helmet

Many manufacturers including Nutcase and Bern have created all season and multi-sport helmets that also carry Multi Sport Safety Standards. For example Nutcase helmet’s street collection can be used for skateboarding and biking. Bern takes it one step further with removable liners so you can take your snow helmet like the Bern Macon from the slopes to the street and still have all the required safety certifications. 

Now instead of four or more separate helmets, you may only need one or two, and the more mainstream that helmets become, the more versatile they will continue to grow!

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