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Bike Helmets

Bike Helmets

We prefer positive action and prevention over “why I should have worn a helmet” stories. There are many articles on bike helmet safety and bike-related crashes. Just watching The Cascades Bicycle Classic in Bend, Oregon this year, there were two independent crashes rounding a corner right in front of us. These guys were pros and of course they wore helmets. While not seriously injured, one of then took a tumble that would have caused more than a minor bump to the head!


There have been studies written about bicycle riders who have died each year suggesting a helmet would have prevented their death. We had a friend who crashed into a car that didn’t see him. Thankfully his head was protected but he still got pretty banged up and bruised.


If you would like to see statistics or stories of helmet related injuries on our site, let us know if this would be of benefit and why. We found there are a lot of different thoughts around helmet safety and that views and statistics varied widely per city, state, and country each year. If you are interested in submitting an article about your story or helmet related facts, email us at: [email protected]

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