kids helmet laws

Kid's Helmet Laws

Kid’s Helmet Laws vary by state and can vary by county or city and even further based upon sport.

In the majority of states, if a person is under the age of 16 or 18, they are required to wear helmets when riding a bicycle. This is for a good reason; it’s estimated that 75% of bicycle – related deaths in children could have been prevented with a helmet. With a startling percentage like that it’s a wonder why there is even a debate. And there are so many cool kids’ helmets to choose from with designs they will love, like the Nutcase X-Ray Brain Helmet or the Viking Pink Hawaiian and they’re inexpensive

The debate is still underway for ski and snowboard resorts to conform to the same kid’s helmet laws even though most resorts are strongly encouraging them and a few are requiring helmet use, just as the majority of skate parks across the US. Why wait until it’s the law when you can protect your child’s safety now with less cost than a hospital co-pay? 

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