ski helmets

Ski Helmets

Do you wear a ski helmet? The snow has arrived and ski season is upon us. There are many reasons to wear one when you are out on the slopes. The biggest; there are people waiting for you when you step off of them. 

Comfort, style, and safety now go hand in hand and it makes selecting a ski helmet easier than ever. The Nutcase Hula Lounge Snow Helmet like many, have fun, sleek designs and meet high safety standards.  Smith Holt helmets, such as the Smith Holt Park White are also versatile, comfortable and have features such as goggle locks and offer a variety of styles based on your performance level. 

All professional athletes and Olympian skiers are leading by example and using ski helmets. If the best and brightest are making a statement by setting the standard using helmets – think about what that says and don’t be the last to put your safety first.

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