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Shred Ready Helmets

Shred Ready Helmets was founded in 1996 in Auburn, Alabama. This was shortly after a local aerospace composites manufacturer approached a man that was training for the Olympic Slalom Team about building a slalom racing kayak. It was a manufacturing match made in heaven. Shred Ready Helmet’s international headquarters soon took residence in a spare bedroom, and a friend’s garage became the first factory. In the first year, 73 helmets were sold and now that many sell in one day. 

They pride themselves on always having fun and want to be known as more than a helmet company. Shred Ready works toward evolving helmets by continuing to research and develop new composite manufacturing processes and is proud to have all of their helmets meet and exceed the CE 1385 International Standard for Whitewater helmets, like the Shred Ready Shaggy for example. 

Shred Ready has come a long way since the dynamic partnership was made in 1996 and continues to keep a small company feel by staying in their local community operating their current warehouse out of the old feed and seed store. To them the company, sports that use their helmets, and employees are all family.

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