helmet design

Helmet Design

Helmet design has not only become a way to set your style apart, but is key in the technology that allows your helmet to protect you and also keep you comfortable. 

The first were black, white, or maybe grey and some had the manufacturer’s logo on the side. Now helmets not only have visors (with some even being removable) but they come in every color of the rainbow with cool graphics and some companies even offer custom helmet designs! 

Helmet technology is catered to each individual sport as well; biking, climbing, skating, and even water and has significantly improved how to regulate your own temperature by having multiple vents and removable helmet plugs. Some helmets like the Pro-Tec Ace SXP have SXP technology, which makes it safe to continue using your helmet after a crash because the foam actually springs back to its original shape. 

Whatever your sport, taste or size there is a perfect helmet that has been designed to go along with it.

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