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Smith Optics

Founded in 1965 by an Orthodontist, Smith Optics has set the standard with its goggle technology and is moving into helmets among other sports gear. 

Their technology has come a long way from making the first pair of goggles with sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. They now feature polarized or non polarized removable lenses with Tapered Lens Technology (TPT), which allows the wearer to see the terrain around them without distortion. 

Smith’s helmet line is equally impressive. An AirEvac system prevents goggles from fogging by consistently pulling in cool, dry air through the front and allowing the warm, moist air over the person’s head out the rear of the helmet. There are also dual regulators which allow you to control airflow in the front and rear sections for your own comfort level or weather conditions. If that’s not enough, the Smith Holt also has a convertible pad kit for year round use and the Skullcandy audio system available. 

Not only does Smith Optics strive to have leading technology, they also use a large amount of recycled products thus reducing their dependency on traditional materials. With using these recycled materials, there is to up to 40% less global warming emissions in the manufacturing process alone since its inception in 2008. 

You can feel good about buying products with a leading edge on technology, but you can feel great about Smith Optic’s awareness of keeping the environment around them.

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