cpsc helmet certification

CPSC Helmet Certification

What exactly is a CPSC Helmet Certification

In February of 1999 the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted unanimously to hold a new safety standard for bike helmets, known as CPSC Helmet Certification. This includes all bike helmets sold, manufactured, and imported to the US. 

These helmets are tested in four safety categories

  1. Vision Test: Ensures the bike helmet has unobstructed peripheral vision. Eight helmets in every model and size are tested.
  2. Stability Test: The helmet must stay in place when there is an accident. (A test machine completes this.)
  3. Retention and Impact Test: Straps are stretched and those that do not break or stretch over 1.2 inches pass. Impact tests are simply that but done with machines.   
  4. Proper Helmet Fit: Helmets should not rock side to side or front to back with head movement. Helmet pads should compress slightly but not be tight. Straps should be snug under the jaw and not pinch when the mouth is opened wide. All good helmet resellers will have a helmet sizing chart.

Whether you are buying a fun kid’s helmet like the Nutcase Graffiti or a Viking Helmet for serious off road or BMX riding, you can feel good about the sticker on the inside bearing the CPSC Helmet Certification that your helmet was tested and will help keep you safe.  

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