Multi-Sport Helmets

With the increasing awareness of helmet safety, the bigger the demand is for a multi-sport helmet.  

Typically you need a separate one for each sport that you participate in. Adding up the costs of a bike helmet, climbing, skate helmet, snow, and water helmet for one person can quickly become a burden. There is a growing need for an all sport helmet

Many manufacturers including Nutcase and Bern have created all season and multi-sport helmets that also carry Multi Sport Safety Standards. For example Nutcase helmet’s street collection can be used for skateboarding and biking. Bern takes it one step further with removable liners so you can take your snow helmet like the Bern Macon from the slopes to the street and still have all the required safety certifications. 

Now instead of four or more separate helmets, you may only need one or two, and the more mainstream that helmets become, the more versatile they will continue to grow!

Helmet Design

Helmet design has not only become a way to set your style apart, but is key in the technology that allows your helmet to protect you and also keep you comfortable. 

The first were black, white, or maybe grey and some had the manufacturer’s logo on the side. Now helmets not only have visors (with some even being removable) but they come in every color of the rainbow with cool graphics and some companies even offer custom helmet designs! 

Helmet technology is catered to each individual sport as well; biking, climbing, skating, and even water and has significantly improved how to regulate your own temperature by having multiple vents and removable helmet plugs. Some helmets like the Pro-Tec Ace SXP have SXP technology, which makes it safe to continue using your helmet after a crash because the foam actually springs back to its original shape. 

Whatever your sport, taste or size there is a perfect helmet that has been designed to go along with it.

Kayak Helmets

Most companies that manufacture and design kayak helmets are the very people that use them for competition or recreation. 

Predator Helmets is owned by an avid whitewater and slalom kayak competitor and Shred Ready Helmets was founded by a slalom kayak competitor who actually trained for the 1996 Olympic Games. 

There are many different types of kayak helmets to choose from. Whether you want a helmet like the Pro-Tec Classic Full Cut that has 17 vents for ultimate drainage and ventilation, or there are many full face helmets like that Shred Ready Carbon Full Face with a four point retention system. 

A lot of these helmets are also designed for use in water skiing and wakeboarding making the investment in a water helmet well spent.

Skate Helmets

What is the difference between the skate helmets out there? 

Not all skate helmets are made equal. Most can be used between different sports and some are designed specifically for skateboarding, roller derby, inline skate, and roller skating

The good news is that a skateboard helmet can be affordable and cool. Pro-Tec has been a leader in the skateboarding helmet market with their various styles like the Pro-Tec Classic that is an affordable basic helmet to the Pro-Tec Ace SXP that allows you to use it after a crash because the helmet padding rebounds to its original shape. There are other brands entering the market as well with their own signature style and cool designs like Nutcase Helmets

So when you pick out a skate helmet keep it simple; narrow it down by your sport then pick a design you like; there will be plenty to choose from within your budget.

Shred Ready Helmets

Shred Ready Helmets was founded in 1996 in Auburn, Alabama. This was shortly after a local aerospace composites manufacturer approached a man that was training for the Olympic Slalom Team about building a slalom racing kayak. It was a manufacturing match made in heaven. Shred Ready Helmet’s international headquarters soon took residence in a spare bedroom, and a friend’s garage became the first factory. In the first year, 73 helmets were sold and now that many sell in one day. 

They pride themselves on always having fun and want to be known as more than a helmet company. Shred Ready works toward evolving helmets by continuing to research and develop new composite manufacturing processes and is proud to have all of their helmets meet and exceed the CE 1385 International Standard for Whitewater helmets, like the Shred Ready Shaggy for example. 

Shred Ready has come a long way since the dynamic partnership was made in 1996 and continues to keep a small company feel by staying in their local community operating their current warehouse out of the old feed and seed store. To them the company, sports that use their helmets, and employees are all family.

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