skate helmets

Skate Helmets

What is the difference between the skate helmets out there? 

Not all skate helmets are made equal. Most can be used between different sports and some are designed specifically for skateboarding, roller derby, inline skate, and roller skating

The good news is that a skateboard helmet can be affordable and cool. Pro-Tec has been a leader in the skateboarding helmet market with their various styles like the Pro-Tec Classic that is an affordable basic helmet to the Pro-Tec Ace SXP that allows you to use it after a crash because the helmet padding rebounds to its original shape. There are other brands entering the market as well with their own signature style and cool designs like Nutcase Helmets

So when you pick out a skate helmet keep it simple; narrow it down by your sport then pick a design you like; there will be plenty to choose from within your budget.

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